Frequent Asked Questions

1. What does Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries do?

Registered in 2017 on PEI, Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries aims to preserve buffalo population and to provide all animals a free and healthy living environment as much as we are able. In addition, Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries have been raising awareness with the public in protecting living creatures with whom we share this planet.

2. Is Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries a zoo?

We are not a zoo. We do not keep animals for the sake of entertainment or leisure since the animals had no option to be released.

3. Can I bring my pets with me?

As dogs and cats may terrify the animals, for the sake of their well-being and safety, we’d appreciate visiting without bringing pets with you.

4. What can we bring to the Sanctuaries?

Apples and carrots are the best treats for horses — they love them! Grains are another good alternative.

5. How many people work at Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries? How many animals are granted shelter?

Currently we have 3 full-time caretakers working at Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries (one at Buffaloland Park, one at Cattle Sanctuary and one at Horse Sanctuary).
We are caring for 271 animals (43 buffaloes, 100 cattle, 72 horses, 4 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 alpacas, 1 donkey, and 1 dog).

6. How can I help?

There are lots of ways to help animals through Moonlight PEI Sanctuaries. Please visit “Support Us” and “Donate Now” pages for more information.