A Reliable Entrustment

        What is crueller than an inevitable separation? What in this world is more difficult than having to say goodbye to a family member? And how hard is it to find someone that you can entrust your dearest friend to? When such a decision has to be made, the most benevolent one will show up to alleviate the pain.

        Mariner, a saddle horse, was 18 months old when he first entered the family of Paige Fisher, who was an expectant mother. Regardless of Mariner’s male sexuality, he managed to sense the pregnancy and behaved gently and protectively, as if he were a guardian of the angel to be born. When the son of Fisher was born, Mariner turned into an amiable and meticulous baby-sitter. He watched the kid; he patrolled around the yard; he prevented the kid from walking near to any sensible danger.

Incredible, right? His agreeableness is only rivaled by his loyalty. When Paige underwent her cancer treatment, Mariner was always there for her. He brough her joy and laughter and gave her comfort to persist. By the time Paige had to move out of PEI., she was tortured by the grief that they had to be apart. She stumbled on every possible solution until Moonlight came to her mind. Relief, …is the best conclusion.

Now Paige visits Mariner every summer, and as soon as she whistles, Mariners will sprint over to her.

Time for gossip!

Rumor has it that Mariner is dating a girl horse!

Rumor confirmed!